CNC Machining

Kaplun Manufacturing provides complex, precision machined components and assemblies used by customers in the medical, aerospace, firearms and other advanced manufacturing industries. Utilizing a fleet of CNC milling , turning , EDM and laser equipment ,efficiently laid out manufacturing facility, and the dedication of a knowledgeable workforce.

CNC milling centers are equipped with up to 4-axis machining ability for the efficient profiling of complex geometries. The size capacity for CNC milling is 40″ in length, 22″ in width, and 22″ in height.

Typical machining tolerances are on the order of ±0.005″ with close work tolerances of ±0.0002″ routinely held in precision applications. Specific tolerances can be discussed with the customer, given the part material, size, and geometry. Additional services including polishing, heat treating, and engraving are available and complex assemblies can be completed on-site. For more information about our CNC machining capabilities please contact us directly.

Image of Vladimir Kaplun, CEO of Kaplun Manufacturing